Ferrite Test


Chemical, energy and processing plants are often subject to heat, aggressive media and high pressure. These circumstances demand steel with high corrosion and acid resistance that are resilient even at high temperatures. If the ferrite content is too low, then the welded material is susceptible to hot-cracking, if the ferrite content is too high, the toughness, ductility as well as the corrosion resistance of the steel are reduced. For duplex steel, a ferrite deficit in the area of the weld seam results in stress corrosion cracking and reduction in strength


Our Solution


AlphaNDT can provide on-site Ferrite Testing by using easy-to-use, portable analyzers that is fast and reliable, allowing the application for the followings:

  • Duplex steel
  • Austenitic steel welds (tubes, sheets)
  • Normal steel with austenitic chrome alloy steel welded cladding (boilers, vessels)
  • Fast, non-destructive measurement of ferrite content on-site or in the lab
  • Measurement range 0.1 to 80% Fe or 0.1 to 110 FN
  • Ferrite measurable either in Ferritepercentage “%Fe” or Ferritenumber “FN”
  • Measurements according ISO 17655 or “Basler Standard”
  • Calibration standards are traceable to internationally approved TWI secondary standards, which fulfill ISO 8249 and AWS A4.2M requirements.
  • Corrective calibration with customer-specific standards possible
  • Reduce the risk of company liability with documented safety standards
  • AlphaNDT´s exclusive, one-stop shop services.