Positive Material Identification (PMI)


Positive Material Identification is a well-established analytical materials testing and materials identification technique used throughout industrial plant as well as within the metal assembly and component manufacturing industries. It guarantees a material's elemental composition as required for safety compliance and quality control.


Our solution 

AlphaNDT provides on-site Positive Material Identification done by using easy-to-use, portable analyser that is fast and reliable, allowing the followings:

  • Rapid verification of alloys used in critical process components
  • Quality control of pipes, valves, and reaction vessels materials
  • Accurate determination of light elements, trace and tramp elements e.g. in hydrofluoric acid alkylation and sulfidation systems, FAC modelling.
  • Analysis of welds;
  • Incoming inspection of alloy materials and components before they enter production
  • Product material confirmation before shipment
  • Reduce the risk of company liability with documented safety standards
  • AlphaNDT´s exclusive, one-stop shop services.