Pulsed Eddy Current System [Non-contact inspection technique]

Corrosion  under  insulation  (CUI),  corrosion  blistering  and  scabs,  flow-accelerated  corrosion  (FAC),  corrosion  under  fireproofing (CUF),  and  corrosion  under  coatings  are  possibly  the  greatest  unresolved  asset  integrity  problems  in  the  industry.  Current  methods used  to  measure  wall thickness  over  liftoff,  without  removing  insulation,  all  have  severe  limitations  and  existing  pulsed eddy current  (PEC)  solutions  rely  on  outdated  technology.  

Our solution 

AlphaNDT offers Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) using Eddyfi® Lyft™ inspection technology - a reinvented, high-performance PEC solution for the detection of corrosion areas in carbon and low alloy steels. The  system  features  a  portable,  state-of-the-art  instrument; real-time C-scan  imaging;  fast  data  acquisition  (up  to  15 readings  per second)  with  grid  and  dynamic  scanning  modes;  and  great  flexibility thanks to  extension  cables,  probe  shoes,  and  an  extension  pole. The Lyft with PECA (Pulsed Eddy Current Array) probe  enables  you to perform  in-service  inspections  with  no  need  to  remove insulation,  through  a  wide  variety  of  coatings  and weather  jackets. PECA can penetrate the entire material thickness to detect internal and external corrosion, and provide relative wall thickness measurements.  probes can  scan  through  thick  metal  and  insulation,  as  well  as  aluminum,  stainless steel,  and  galvanized  steel  weather  jackets. The system does not require direct contact with the inspection surface allowing measurements to be taken through any non-conductive material such as insulation, protective coatings, concrete, and marine growth.


  • Inspects  100 %  of  the  wall  thickness
  • Provides  relative  wall  thickness  measurements
  • Scans  through  a  wide  variety  of  coatings  and  weather  jackets
  • Unaffected  by  surface  preparation
  • Enables  in-service  inspections
  • Safe  for  the  operators,  no  radiation
  • AlphaNDT’s exclusive, one-stop service