Radiographic Testing Using SCAR System


Safer and More Productive RT Inspection

The Small Controlled Area Radiography (SCAR) system is capable of performing radiography inside a controlled area in the workplace without disruption to normal operations. Reduction of unwanted radiation scattering effects around the film by effective photoelectric absorption has an additional benefit of improving radiograph quality.


Our Solution

AlphaNDT’s offers RT inspection by applying SCAR with system for weld quality, corrosion, erosion, cracks and loss of wall thickness, material deposits and blockages of new construction and in-service inspection radiographic



  • SCAR is safe to use 24 hours a day - no need for specific radiography windows
  • Cost-efficient
  • The barriered area is always very small, normally less than 10 m diameter
  • Area is easy to see & control
  • SCAR will rarely affect other work
  • Equipment fits most pipe geometries
  • SCAR can replace most conventional radiography when planned in advance
  • Reduced risk of company liability with documented inspection reports
  • AlphaNDT’s exclusive, one-stop service