Baseline Corrosion Survey/Inspection


Baseline inspections are commonly used for code compliance verification, however, they also provide excellent opportunities to initiate a corrosion monitoring database. We understand the importance of accurate baseline data and the effect it can have on prediction accuracy and integrity resource allocation. Common practice can include using nominal wall thickness as a replacement for accurate baseline measurements. With asset life cycle cost in mind, long-term benefits can be achieved when baseline inspections are performed correctly. Prior to baseline inspection, AlphaNDT determines the optimal condition monitoring locations based on potential damage mechanisms and employ specific inspection procedures to ensure accurate and repeatable data.


AlphaNDT offers highly qualified and experienced inspectors and NDT technicians as well as pioneer inspection technology to conduct baseline inspections. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Perform data entry of the thickness survey results
  • Analyses of the data to include:
    • Corrosion monitoring database;
    • T-MIN calculations
    • Thickness surveys
    • Remaining life analysis
    • Activity scheduling
    • Management reporting
    • Managing inspection documents
    • Equipment drawings

Information security and data integrity