Announcement of AlphaNDT’s business registration address change


Firstly, Alpha Inspection JSC (AlphaNDT) would like to express our sincerely thanks for your kind cooperation previously

Today, by this letter, AlphaNDT would like to announce that since 28th September 2017, AlphaNDT’s business registration address will be changed as follows

New address:

No. 37, Road No. A4, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, S. R.


Tel           : +84 28 54495117 

Fax         : +84 28 54495118

Email        :

VAT code : 0306455519

Please kindly use the changed information as above for every business transactions with our Company since announcement date

This change does not affect all the transaction, relationship, economic obligations as well as the implementation of the agreements signed previously. In necessary cases, Client and Partner can issue relevant amendment for signed agreement and documentation under our new address