With expectation to create a breakthrough in oil exchange technology for wind turbine gear, AlphaNDT’s Top Management has researched, developed and produced the new technology using Wind Turbine Gear Oil Exchange Skid (GOES) which is applied in wind turbine gearbox old oil drain and new oil input with automation systems. One of the greatest benefits of GOES is that while it taking more than a day to change 450 liters of oil with 03 to 04 technicians, the GOES is able to perform the same task in only 03 hours.

The GOES has a heater and a 5-micron filter of new oil before filling the gearbox and is specially designed to meet the special conditions of onshore wind-turbine operation that includes:

- The fully mobile skid can be transported on a truck, trailer, or in a container;

- The skid can be operated automatically by PLC and records all working activities at the wind farm;

- The skid with a PLC system manages and monitors flow setting depending on the current condition of supply height (up to 150 meters and above), the oil viscosity, the filters, and other parameters;

- A special electrical drive facilitates quick hose reeling;

- The skid with diesel generator can supply 380V/220V electricity for all operations;

- The skid can be used to change both mineral and synthetic gearbox oil