Since the primary fuel source for power generation from coal, oil and gas is gradually exhausted, sustainable energy development has become the top concern of almost countries around the world to ensure long-term energy supply and minimize impact on the environment. That’s the reason why Wind Power Energy has recently been a booming industry in Vietnam. In this context, AlphaNDT also expects to contribute to the campaign developing the alternative renewable energy source and reducing impact on the environment then we have made preparation and deployment of our strategy to expand service supply to this industry field. Up to now, AlphaNDT is the unique NDT service provider in Vietnam to be approved as Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) membership. We also have permit to perform safety inspection for the list of machinery, equipment, materials and substances subject to strict occupational safety and health requirements in according to Circular No. 36/2019/TT-BLDTBXH.

AlphaNDT has been providing following services for many wind power projects in Vietnam such as Bac Lieu Wind Farm, Tra Vinh Wind Farm, Ninh Thuan Wind Farm, Cau Dat Wind Farm, Quang Binh Wind Farm:

- Conventional and Advanced NDT with Rope Access technique;

- GWO Basic Safety Training;

- Multi-Blade Installer and Lifting Gear, Round Sling Inspection and Recertification;

- On-site Wind Turbine Blade Repair and Inspection;

- Multi-Blade Installer Repair – Welding, NDT and Load Test;

- Wind Turbine Hub Thermal Spray Zin (TSZ), Cold Galvanizing Coating;

- WGT Cleaning

- Fabricate tools used in transporting of Vestas, GE, Siemen Gamesa MSI’s Gearbox, Tower section, Blade, Nacelle and Hub;

- Wind Turbine Gear Oil Exchange Skid (GOES).